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About the Kalenjin language

In Kenya, where speakers make up 18% of the population, the name Kalenjin, a Nandi expression meaning “I say (to you)”, gained prominence in the late 1940s and the early 1950s, when several Kalenjin-speaking peoples united under it. This ethnic consolidation created a major ethnic group in Kenya, and also involved a standardization of the Kenyan Kalenjin dialects. These dialects includes: Keiyo, Kipsigis, Markweeta, Nandi, Okiek, Pökoot, Sabaot, Terik, Tugen.

We aim to serve the whole Christian community by working closely with churches and the community to serve all denominations where this language is spoken.

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Get involved

You can get involved in availing a Bible for the Kalenjin community by;

Buying a Bible for an individual or Church. BSK can deliver the Bibles on your behalf. Each Bible costs Ksh 870

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